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Hello and Welcome to one of my webpages! I am honored that you found your way here and have enough time to take a look and see who I am. I am not new in the real estate game. I have been in the home industry since I was in my teens. At that time, I was in construction and worked that part of the business for many years.

Later I decided that selling homes was a better deal and then worked for a few smaller builders selling on site. I worked for Centex Homes a corporate builder in the sales dept from the corporate office. In 1998 I qualified for a brokerโ€™s license and keep it active in several different ventures for 22 years. In 2014 I stopped doing real estate full time till 2020 and then the pandemic pushed me right back in, and it was general real estate this time.

I worked for REMAX for 23 months and I just did not like the corporate world. So, I am back as an active broker-owner. This is my new venture starting at scratch and ready to make an impact. The world has changes in 6+ years, it is all online. Well, I think you will find that this old man is jumping in hard. I like the digital space; it is a place to make an impact. I need some young talent to come helps me with the hard stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

Want to work from home and build a team? I am looking for you if you are a team player and want to work in several areas of the state we can do that. I mean work to make people raving fans. It is all about mindset and mindfulness. Letโ€™s build a team, we all have different talents and niches. The synergy of diversity causes greatness! Always remember that humbleness comes first!ย  Come on this is the digital age! Using zoom and online tools we can work a plan, train, keep each other accountable. What is important is working to please the clients. It is not about the money, it is about service the money comes when you give first!ย 

Albert Smith

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